Sometimes You Gotta Clean That Thing

For my first professional job out of college I tried to scrape together any sort of experience I could put on my resume. I was applying for any sort of IT department that would have me. One of the things on my cover letter was designing and following a hardware maintenance plan that included vacuuming out the dust in my personal computer case. I think back about how ridiculous that was at the time.

Just a couple weeks ago the desktop I had my other residence near Chicago, in the vicinity of the industry and steel mills that make up North West Indiana, was blue screening frequently. When I pulled it out and set it on the table you could look through the Plexiglas side door and see every surface covered in fuzzy dust.

I brought the dirty thing back to Fort Wayne and opened it up. It was worse than I ever imagined. I filled up the tank on my little Dyson rechargeable vac. And that wasn’t even the real trouble spot. The dust had gotten so caked up behind the CPU fan that it was blocking the air flow through the heat sinks. The situation was so bad the dust had actually baked into the heat dissipating fins to the point tat it was brittle and had to be chiseled and blown out with compressed air rather than just vacuumed.

Now that I’m older I get to delegate some things, and I think it”s time my son started working on his technical experience.

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